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Trichologists – who and what are they?

The Trichologist 

Explaining the role of Trichologists trained and registered with The Trichological Society 

Trichology is a little understood but often maligned profession. For 100 +years it was considered as a sort of adjunct to the barber shop.
The Trichological  Society  emphasises that its trichologists are not barbers but well educated individuals who have studied 2-4 years to gain its coveted Diploma in Pure-Trichology (uncompromisingly the worlds highest academic qualification in the discipline).
Of The Trichological Society’s current student intake 94% hold first degrees in a science / medical  subject.  They study anatomy, physiology and the aetiology, diagnosis, prognosis and management of  many scalp and hair disorders diseases. They provide advice with recommendations as to treatments where applicable. They refer patients to other professionals where appropriate.

The more eloquent graduates of The Trichological Society are  recognised and respected by the legal professions and provide academic scientific reports and in-court testimony as expert witnesses in both civil and criminal cases.
The Trichological Society’s graduate trichologists are frequently the choice of journalists, the media, the legal profession, and industry etc where reliable trichological opinion is sought.

In all aspects TTS trichologists are required to act with the best interests of the patient as their priority. They are required to obey a Code of Ethics and Professional Practice Guidelines. The Society is intolerant of any malpractice / overcharging / charlatanism and will act rigorously in any area of legitimate complaint against any of its registered practitioner members.

The Society’s Open University style 2-4 year course overview:

Human anatomy and physiology • Microscopy • Expert witness report writing • Clinical diagnosis and where applicable to provide advice and where possible the treatment of the numerous scalp and hair diseases, hair-shaft  deformities especially of the scalp.

These include:
Accelerated Vellus Syndrome • Acne Keloidalis Nuchae • Afrohair • Androgenic-Androgenetic Alopecia • Androgenetic Baldness (Males) • Androgenetic Baldness (Females) • Anagen Effluvium • Anorexia and Hairloss • Albinism and Hair • Alopecia Areata • Alopecia Totalis • Asymmetrical Hairloss • Beard & hair transplantation • Bulimia • Chemotherapy and Hairloss • Cicatrical Alopecia • Cloning Hair-follicles • Cradle Cap (Vernix Caseosa) •
Dandruff • Eating Disorders & Hairloss •Facial Hair • Favus • Female Hairloss • Folliculitis DeCalvans • Grey/White Hair • Green Hair • Hairloss in Women • Hair Breakage • Hair Colour (Pigmentation) • Hair dyes • Hair and Scalp Damage Litigation • Hair Mineral Analysis • Hair Replacement (non-surgical) • Hair Restoration Surgery • Hair Restoration Surgery (Tutorials/Seminars/Conferences) • Head Lice • Herpes Zoster (Shingles)• Hirsutism/Hypertrichosis • Hyperkeratosis Cystica Follicularis • Idiopathic Trichoclasia • Impetigo • Iron-Hairloss • Laser Hair Removal Practitioners (Medical) • Leucotrichia (Poliosis) • Lice • Lichen Planus • Litigation Matters • Loose Anagen Syndrome • Lupus Erythematosus •
Male Pattern Baldness • Melanoma (skin cancer) and Scalp • Monilethrix (beaded hair) • Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers (NMSCs) and Scalp • Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems • Nutrition • Pediculus Capititis • Pemphigus • Permanent-waving (Hairdressing Sciences) • Pili-Annulati (Ringed Hair) • Pityriasis • Plica Polonica (Plica Neuropathica) • Propecia • Psoriasis (Scalp) • Pseudo-pelade (Brocq) • Radiotherapy and Hairloss • Ringworm (scalp) • Scarring Alopecias • Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (scalp) • Serum Ferritin • Shampoos • Telogen Effluvium • Traction Alopecia • Trichokinesis (twisted hair) • Trichokryptomania • Trichonodosis (knotted hair) • Trichoptilosis (Fragilitis Crinium) • Trichorrhexis Nodosa • Trichotillomania • Tufted Folliculitis • Vernix Caseosa Vitiligo •

The more experienced TTS Registered Trichologists provide expert opinion in civil and criminal litigation.

TTS Registered Trichologists usually practice as individuals, providing realistically priced professional services in pleasant well equipped small clinical units.

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